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About Us

The Korean American Community Coalition, established in 2021, is dedicated to serving the low-income, marginalized, and underserved Korean communities in Los Angeles and Orange County. Our mission is to ensure cultural and linguistic access and inclusion, foster the development of young leaders, and empower underrepresented societies.

Our primary beneficiaries include low-income individuals, immigrants, and non-English speaking Korean Americans. We offer a variety of programs and services to meet their needs. Operating mainly in Los Angeles and Orange County, we have achieved significant milestones, including assisting over 300 individuals with affordable housing applications and providing consultation and translation services for Korean community members. Our senior programs have run for over five months, fostering a sense of community and bringing people together through various classes and activities.

At the core of our organization is the value of finding purpose for those who feel out of place in a foreign country. Founded by Cathy Choi, we pride ourselves on going where traditional nonprofits don’t. We live and breathe within our communities, offering support and creating connections where they are needed most.

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Our mission is to empower non-English speaking folks through English language education, enabling them to enhance their communication skills, access critical information, and participate more fully in the global community. By providing tailored and accessible learning opportunities, we aim to improve their quality of life, promote social inclusion, and foster lifelong personal growth and cognitive well-being.


We envision a community where seniors and non-English speaking Koreans are proficient in English, allowing them to thrive in an interconnected world. Our vision is to see these individuals confidently navigating global interactions, enjoying enriched cultural experiences, and accessing a broader range of opportunities for personal and professional development. Through our efforts, we aspire to create a more inclusive and informed society where everyone, regardless of age or language background, can achieve their fullest potential.

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